Dallas Dog Trainer


We will work with you to find the best package that fits your needs.

About our service

We work one on one with your dog and yourself to help you build the best relationship with your best friend.

What to expect

The goal of this program is to accomplish good behavior at home, in public spaces and other common and daily situations.

Your dog will be supervised 24/7, provided with exercise, foundations on discipline and fun!

Serious rooted behaviors are dealt with time, patience, calm and knowledgeable professional behaviorists to accomplish a full rehabilitation and a happy life.

The goal with this program is to teach you to lead. Your  dog will be evaluated and if necessary, sugest other helpful programs in our repertoire.


Our Happy Doggy Customers

Our success stories keep happening. Be part of them and enjoy a true balanced relationship with your best companion!

Contact us for a full behavior evaluation and assessment

Our visits include a full assessment and evaluation of your particular situation

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