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Dogs behave in many different ways and behaviors are influenced by their environment and influences from other dogs and members of the family among other things.
By teaching humans the dog's language, we establish a better relationship, one that comes from trust, respect and love.
During the program, the owner is involved in the process via one-on-one sessions, virtual calls, videos and real case scenarios to make the transition as smooth as possible once the dog goes back home.
Although the focus is not necessarily obedience training, it is used as a tool and an activity to help shape a behavior.

During the program and regardless of the behavior addressed, dogs will:

  • Stay in a heated/air conditioned house.
  • Receive food every day (provided by owner).
  • Learn to be on leash
  • Introduced to a structure routine of feeding, resting and structured activities.
  • Receive supervision 24/7 
  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Food or any other eatable in a reusable container like Tupperware (no plastic/zip lock bags please)
  • For first timers, their bed or a blanket they are familiar with
  • No toys needed. There are plenty available at their stay


  • For aggressive behavior modification, field visits will be limited until progress is shown and observing all safety precautions.
  • A video of the behavior(s) to be addressed. This will give a perspective of “before and after”)
  • Reservations are taken at least one week prior to the stay.
  • Dogs will be required to be spayed/neutered (unless less than 6 months of age).

At the end of the training, you and your dog will:

  • Be more connected and your dog will be more receptive to direction
  • Learn to be in  a calmer state and calmer way of being.
  • Manage better communication skills
  • Be introduce to basic commands and a different way to communicate those commands

$2400/3 weeks 

After training, owners will also have 2 free follow up sessions* in site after the completion of training.

(*2 free sessions in the following 3 weeks after the training).


Old dogs learn new tricks and they all deserve a life of enjoyment and happiness.


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